Our services are well renowned for its promising and fulfilling nature. You can be 100 percent assured while making an investment in us, we will not, in any case, disappoint you and the work done will be proving every bit of the payment’s worth. We have managed to complete many projects very efficiently and gracefully without much damage or trouble caused to the customers.


Broken roof project

We were assigned the task of complete roof renewal of a building in one of the main streets in Toronto, This rook had a leakage, seeping as well as waterproofing problem. An exciting task as it sounds was taken over by our skilled staff members and gave the client a sensational outcome. The project included roofing replacement and box gutters.  The roof was replaced with a 0.48 mm custom orb zinclume roofing material and stainless steel box gutters. It has been four years since the replacement and we have not received even a single complaint regarding the issue concerned.

Stable project

We constructed a completely new set of stables, vet rooms and wash bays in a nearby horse racing club finding the previous settlements in ruins. The tender to install the plumbing to keep the stable horses watered, cleaned and to keep the grass green was also won by us. The project included a mix of internal plumbing, irrigation, and new roofing.

We have got all the leaking water covered, no matter wherever it is. Our team gets excited about even the simplest of the repair work be it dealing with leaking taps, toilets, guttering, showers, hot water units, downpipes or anything. Our team members’ works enthusiastically to get the running water in your home get fixed. Every penny you spend on us will surely give you the satisfaction of a great work done.

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